Saddle Bar Stool – 3 Types Of Western Bar Stools For The Wild West Feel

When you are looking for a saddle bar stool or saddle counter stool like your kitchen bar stools, or if you own a western style restaurant or bar and would like to recreate the feeling of the last era of the Wild West, there is one thing you can do to get into this feeling – get a set of bar stools Los Angeles, and in particular saddle bar stools.

Have you ever ridden a horse? When you sit on a saddle bar stool, you regain the feeling of being in the saddle, and this adds to the illusion of the old days of the Wild West.

We will explore here three types of a western bar or counter stools that will suit various different tastes and occasions. We will be talking about modern bar stools, round saddle stools and leather stools for saddle seats and counter.

What all these stools have in common is that they are made of wood. In the wild west, metal was not as common as it is today, and cowboys had to make do with materials that were more accessible, particularly wood. So cowboys had to master the art of carpentry to create these stools. The other materials the cowboys counted on were natural hides, either from captured wild animals, but more commonly from cows that were slaughtered for their meat.

Another thing that these western saddles or counter stools have in common is that, like horse saddles, they never have a backrest, or armrests.

Let’s look at these three styles of saddle bar stools.

Modern Style Rectangular Bar Stool

When you would like to establish that the Wild West Cowboy feels at home, but you have modern style kitchen furniture and accessories, then you should consider the modern style of saddle counter stools. They will still be made of wood.

Some modern style saddle stools have their seat in the shape of a downward curve, which resembles the curvature of the saddle. Despite the rectangular shape of the “floor” of the seat, you will be able to sit in the chair facing forward, as if you were riding, and straddle the chair with your legs, or you will be able to sit on your side, with your legs together, and with your butt well seated in the curve of the seat of the saddle.

Others have their “saddle” made of straight, flat wood, which may be a type of seat to which you are more accustomed.

Round saddle bar stool

Some Western-style counter stools have a round “chair” rather than a rectangular one. They are still called western counter stools because of their other qualities, such as wood as a material for both legs and seat. Typically they will have four legs, and neighbouring legs will be connected with crossbars at different heights on neighbouring sides, and the same heights on opposite sides, for the stability and robustness of the construction.

Sometimes the legs are made of natural branches, with their natural curvatures, giving the seat a rustic and unique look. Later, with the development of wood carving machines, the legs would be straightened and would have the same shape, with simple circular ornaments.

Cowhide seat western saddle bar stool

Cowhide is a natural cowhide that has been minimally processed, not bleached or coloured. It may have been soaked in salt after the cow was skinned, and in tannery, it may have been tanned to eliminate odours and prevent hair loss.

Western wooden bar stools were upholstered with that cowhide leather, using round metal studs, which would provide a western bar stool look that would resemble much like a horse saddle. Sometimes, a saddle horn was added to one side of the bar seat to complete such a horse saddle bar stool.